A Deville House Divided is the ninth Episode of Season 4 and the forty-fourth episode overall.


Tommy Pickles

Chuckie Finster

Phil DeVille

Lil DeVille

Betty DeVille

Kimi Finster

Dil Pickles





Phil and Wally like each other and they start dating, making Lil feel jealous and angered because she never gets to spend time with Phil. Meanwhile, Principal Pangborn's nephew Morty begins going to school with the gang and nobody likes him because he is weird and obnoxious.

Main PlotEdit

The episode starts with an award ceremony for the twin's soccer team, and talk about a possible trip to the championships. At the ceremony, Phil falls in love with Wally as he just now realized that she was a girl. The two begin hanging out, making Lil jealous as their plans don't involve her. When Kimi points out to Lil that Phil and Wally like each other, Lil makes them admit it. This makes things worse as now the two are hanging out without Lil even more. One day, Phil and Wally hold hands which made Phil feel sick in a "good way." He asks Lil for advice, who then tells Wally that Phil doesn't like her. This causes a fight between the three kids who end up making their team lose the semi-final soccer game.

Sub PlotEdit

Principal Pangborn's nephew Morty comes to visit, and he puts Dil, Tommy, and Chuckie in charge of him.



Lil: Guess what! Guess what! I just heard the Pythons' midfielder got chickenpox! We are sure to win.

Phil: (sniffling) Don't look at me.

Lil: What's wrong?

Phil: What's wrong?! Everything is wrong! The world has fallen off its axis. The sun shall never shine again.

Lil: Is this about your penalty shots? Because we can work on that.

Phil: It's Wally! She dumped me! (sobbing) Oh. She didn't even say why. You're her friend, Lil-- did she say anything to you?

Lil: No, nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero, goose eggs, gooseggs. Phil, I have never seen you act like this.

Phil: What? I can't have feelings?

Lil: Feelings? You hit yourself on the head with a hammer on a dare. I got just the thing to cheer you up, mister-- a game of Doom Raider 5.

Phil: Just turn off the light on your way out. I'm going to lay here and listen to sad songs.

Lil: Sure. (Lil exits)

Phil(wailing): Wally... Why, why, Wally? (wailing continues)


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