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All Grown Up! is an animated television series on Nickelodeon

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After the success of the Rugrats 10th anniversary special All Growed Up, Nickelodeon commissioned All Grown Up! as a spin-off series based on the episode. The series ran from April 12, 2003 to August 17, 2008.

The show's premise is that the characters of the Rugrats are now ten years later. Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, the twins, Susie, Dil and Kimi are now have to deal with pre-teenagers issues and situations.

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"All Grown Up!" Theme Song - Episode Opening01:08

"All Grown Up!" Theme Song - Episode Opening

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  • Coup DeVilleGo to Coup DeVille
  • Susie Sings the BluesGo to Susie Sings the Blues
  • Bad KimiGo to Bad Kimi
  • Tweenage TycoonsGo to Tweenage Tycoons
  • Truth or ConsequencesGo to Truth or Consequences
  • Chuckie's In LoveGo to Chuckie's In Love
  • River RatsGo to River Rats
  • Brother, Can You Spare the Time?Go to Brother, Can You Spare the Time?
  • The Old and the RestlessGo to The Old and the Restless
  • It's Cupid, StupidGo to It's Cupid, Stupid
  • Tommy FooleryGo to Tommy Foolery
  • Interview With a CampfireGo to Interview With a Campfire
  • Bad AptitudeGo to Bad Aptitude
  • Fools Rush InGo to Fools Rush In
  • Memoirs of a FinsterGo to Memoirs of a Finster
  • Miss Nose It AllGo to Miss Nose It All
  • Interview With a CampfireGo to Interview With a Campfire
  • Runaround SusieGo to Runaround Susie
  • Saving CynthiaGo to Saving Cynthia
  • The Science PairGo to The Science Pair
  • Izzy Or Isn't He?Go to Izzy Or Isn't He?
  • Project ChuckieGo to Project Chuckie
  • The Finster Who Stole ChristmasGo to The Finster Who Stole Christmas
  • Blind Man's BluffGo to Blind Man's Bluff
  • Curse of ReptarGo to Curse of Reptar
  • The Big ScoreGo to The Big Score
  • Dude, Where's My Horse?Go to Dude, Where's My Horse?
  • Lost at SeaGo to Lost at Sea
  • A DeVille House DividedGo to A DeVille House Divided
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