• Hacker23456789

    This wiki is closing

    December 1, 2013 by Hacker23456789

    I don't know when this wiki is closing, i need to create it really fast before its too late.

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  • Kimberly Wannabe Finster

    So, it was 3 days after my sixth birthday.  Things were doing just fine during the start of 1st grade, until a punk 4th grader (Who I now think of as a role model) came and stole my bike.  "Give it back"!  I screeched.  "You won't get it just yet, dummy"! she yelled back.  She tricyled even faster on my beautiful green bike I had, and eventually made it end up in the bushes and got a cut (I called it boo-boo back then).  She told her workaholic mother on me, and after her mother scolded me, I was so angry at Angelica I took her bike and threw it onto our fence.  "How do you like that"? I asked as I angrily walked home with my amazed 7 year year old brother Chuckie, who was going to watch me until I was 10 and mature enough to watch myself.…

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  • Kidsnewsnairobi7yearold

    Lil was an 11 in a half year old girl, who had a secret not even her own twin knew about.  She tried to sneak out of her house by using the backdoor.  Backdoors were always most quiet in town.  She climbed up a window to see how her twin, Phil was sleeping.  Since he could sleep through anything, Lil might as well whisper "See ya, Phillip".  "See ya Phillip" Lil whispered in her softest whisper as she carefully went back inside.  ACHOO! Phil had sneezed.  "Uh oh, I better close the window before Phil starts sneezing non-stop" Lil told herself.  She closed the window as Phil smiled and let his nose rest softly on his pillow.  Then she decided to crawl, as crawlers are less likely to get in trouble. Be as quiet as you can Lil thought.  Lil o…

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  • Kidsnewsnairobi7yearold

    It was 2 AM. Phil hoped everybody was sleeping so he could do his scret, he still ate worms.  He couldn't let anyone know he did such a nasty thing, not even his best friend Lil could know. He climbed down his  window.

    Phil: If there sleeping quiet enough, they'll never notice.

    Phil unfortantutley fell on the roof.

    Phil: Oh man, oh man, oh man! Keep it together DJ.

    Then Lil came.

    Lil: Phillip Deville!

    Phil: (Under voice) I'm in trouble.

    Lil: You close that window right now! Air is coming in!

    Phil: Thank goodness she didn't find out.

    Lil: Find out what?

    Phil: Uh-Uh,  I'm trying to throw  away an apple! And I need help getting up!

    Then Betty ran in.

    Betty: My poor little Philly!

    Phil also had another secret.  He found it embarassing when neighbors watche…

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  • Mover12

    I am currently re-watching the episodes from when is was younger and it really brings back memories. It makes me sad that it stopped airing.... I really wish there was a season 6.

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  • TheValeyardOfGallifrey


    January 3, 2012 by TheValeyardOfGallifrey

    Greetings! I am The Jokester, and this wiki was founded in 2010. I looked this wiki up and found it was in bad shape, and it was abandond. I adopted the wiki, and I'm currently trying to find new users for the wiki.

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