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Charles Crandall Finster, Jr. is a fictional character from the Rugrats spin-off. He is nerdy, akward and has uncontrolable red hair.All Grown Up!

Chuckie finster

Chuckie from the original Rugrats used to be scared of everything. However, now that he's all grown up he yearns to be more popular and becomes braver than he has ever been before. 


Chuckie has uncontrollable red hair and purple glasses, with a blue shirt with a planet on his left side and also adorns a pair of green pants with red shoes. 


Chuckie's the nerdy, awkward preteen that we know and love. However, he now wishes to become popular like his best friend Tommy Pickles (Who is already popular).  He gets rid of his fears and instead confronts them head on especially when his

Chuckie Finster
Vital statistics
All Growed up
Brothers Grimm
Voiced by Nancy Cartwright
Family Finster
Species Human
Gender Male
friend or his sister Kimi  Finster is in trouble. Chuckie also gets jealous of his friends easily especially Tommy who seems to get all the girls and can play sports better than he can. He is also very overprotective of his sister going through thick and thin to try to help her when needed.


Chuckie is very close with his friends especially Tommy whose been friends with him since they were babies. He's also very paranoid about what happens to his friends and takes on Tommy's old fear of something bad happening to them. Chuckie gets mad at Tommy more often due to his jealousy of him and tries to find ways for him to deal with it. Chuckie's relationship with Phil and Lil are close as well but to a lesser degree. Him and his friends often team up to have fun and he seems to have the record for the most gutterballs ever made in history.


  • He may like Lil.
  • Chuckie is very unpopular.
  • Chuckie gets jealous over other characters more easily
  • He is no longer afraid of Angelica and accepts her evil ways.
  • He loves his new mother Kira 
  • Chuckie is good at sewing
  • Has a crush on a girl named Nicole at school.
  • He is officially 12 years old.

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