Tommy Pickles
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Vital statistics
Coup Deville
Golden Boy
Voiced by E.G. Daily
Family Dil Pickles (Brother), Stu Pickles (Father), DeeDee Pickles (Mother), Lou Pickles (Grandpa), LuLu Pickles (Grandma), and Angelica Pickles (Cousin)
Species Human
Gender Male

Thomas Malcolm "Tommy" Pickles (born 11 August 1987) was a leader always leading kids on adventure. Tommy is Chuckie's best friend since childhood. He and his brother Dil are cousins with Angelica Pickles.

Tommy is a movie maker/star and disproves of everything his little brother Dil says to be "cool" and not "weird" like Dil. Tommy is never mean to girls but is ready to say almost anything to a boy. According to the gang Tommy can be described "The bravest kid of them all" and "The leader" mostly by the gang.

Tommy is the main character and appears in every episode. Tommy is known to be 12 in the series, although there is no evidence of him turning 12, it is assumed.

The shows depicts Tommy as an aspiring film maker ,despite the fact that there was no indication Tommy wanted to this in the original show , his parents state that he "had it in him" since he was 37 months old (3 years old),it was then were Tommy filmed his first ever film , his pet dog :Spike.

== Relationships ==

Chuckie Finster

Despite having contrasting personalities , Tommy considers Chuckie his absolute best friend and viceversa. They have been close since the start of the series. In addition , not only Chuckie sees Tommy as his best friend , he also sees him as a rolemodel. Althought they are almost always on good terms , there have benn instances in which Tommy or Chuckie are aggravated by each other`s actions. For instacne in TP+KF, Chuckie calls Tommy a sister stealer. In spite of it all , both love each other and their firndship stands to this day.

Kimi Finster
Tommy didn't meet Kimi until the 2000 movie "Rugrats In Paris" , both have been good friends and sometimes considered something more by the fans in TP+KF.

Dil Pickles
After 10 years Tommy has grown fond of Dill, although he is most of the times freaked by his younger brother`s actions, he still loves him dearly.

Phil DeVille
Most of the time Tommy is good friends with Phil but sometimes they act like a judge and their enemies like when Phil wanted to be a cook because he was good at it, but Tommy and Chuckie disproved it because Phil was obsessed with cooking. Phil was mean.

Lil DeVille
Lil still thinks of Tommy as a dear friend , and still cares for him deeply, to the extent of giving her own money and time to cheer him up after he broke up with Rachel.

For Tommy's beautiful cousin Angelica is mean, a (bad) singer and bossy and Tommy is never afraid to make a confront to her. You could say Tommy and Angelica are enemies because of their fighting and her anger issues, but in the 2001 movie/show All Growed Up in the last scene of all grown up before it turns back into rugrats Angelica and Tommy drop the enemies part and become friends until she's back to her bratty spoiled self.

Tommy and Susie dont interact much , however they are in good terms and are still friends.


Tommy had a crush with Rachel. Sometime after they became boyfriend and girlfriend. However, in the end due to Tommy`s lies, they broke up.

Also in an attempt to cheer up a depressed Tommy, his friends invited her to aget together , where she unexpectedly met Tommy`s date. She left angry after Tommy revealed he was seeing another girl, in spite of them being not together anymore

Was Tommy's friend and good well known friend until Tommy had to leave and say goodbye.

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